Just a note.

2013-05-06 15:29:31 by RgxSuperSonic

If you follow me on NG. I suggest monitoring me on my DeviantArt instead since I'm more active there.

Nothing new with me..

2010-06-02 16:37:02 by RgxSuperSonic

Currently waiting for my tablet to be repaired so I can get back to making new animations, and just updating my NG account, to show that i still use it. I'm more frequent on my DevArt account, so please visit me there if you have one.


Heres a trailer of the first episode in my Sonic X Comic Adaption series, Sub Sonic! Coming soon to Newgrounds!
http://rgxsupersonic.deviantart.com/ar t/SXCA-SUB-SONIC-trailer-94252153


Sonic Shorts Volume 4

2008-07-06 23:08:56 by RgxSuperSonic

I gotta remember to update this thing... Hey everyone I'm working on Sonic Shorts Volume 4 with my fellow sonic animators at Sonic Paradox. My short will involve Silver but how will he react to what he sees will be revealed in "time"... If you would like to become a part of the Shorts, please head over to Sonic Paradox.

http://z14.invisionfree.com/Sonic_Para dox/index.php?

As well, I'm still working on my Sonic X cartoon, SXCA: Sub Sonic. Its still around mid completion, and I trying to put as much action into it to be on par with all the talking. If you haven't read my past journal entry here, its a flash movie based off one of the Sonic X comics based off Archie Comic's Sonic X series (#21). This movie will be followed up by two more movies which will be a two parter (#28 and #29) and a possible fourth movie. I'm still looking for voice actors for Tails and Chris only, if you would like to volunteer don't hesitate to PM me.

Anyways enjoy this little preview of my next short for now.

Sonic Shorts Volume 4

Sonic Shorts Collab Volume 1

2008-02-25 19:01:48 by RgxSuperSonic

Hey guys! Volume 1 is released go check it out a vote! See you guys when volume 2 is out, I have more shorts to show!

Sonic Shorts Collab Volume 1

I haven't this in who knows how long...
I have completed my parts and the rest of Sonic Tribute Collaboration 2 is about ready and progress is coming along nicely! Coming Soon!

On other news, I'm making my first big flash to appear on Newgrounds which will not be a collaboration. Again it will be Sonic-related but the story and plot won't be original, it will be a loose adaption of the Archie' s Sonic X Comic- Sub-Sonic, which is issue #21. The story will be pretty accurate with more added on. In other words its pretty much a extension of the story with new scenes. The flash will be a bit more unique then most sonic related flashes, Sub-Sonic will try to stay true to the series with the series charm and a remade ending to feel more like Sonic X. I understand Sonic X is not the greatest cartoon series and such but I will try to make the episode enjoyable for all- true fans, Classic fans, non-sonic fans, etc.

Story plot:
Dr. Eggman plans to steal Acton figures to turn them into his robotic minions until word gets out that Grandpa Chuck's Old College buddy has created a prototype device that can make one travel through demensions. While Sonic and friends meet Chuck's friend, an unexpected turn has fallen between Sonic, Tails, Bocoe and Decoe turning them into the size of toys. Its up to Sonic and Tails to try to make it out of the toy store alive!

Update and Sonic X- Comic Adaption: Sub-Sonic

First work on Newgrounds

2007-08-07 02:34:03 by RgxSuperSonic

Pretty soon I'll be releasing my first work, it is part 8 of The Sonic Tribute Collaboration 2 and I'm truly excited to work with some very gifted and talented artists to help me and to be apart of this project. I would liketo also thank TheWax and Kaizoku for helping me out with my flash and welcoming me into the Collab. Hope you like the preview image! Be sure to look out for Sonic Collab 2 coming in the near future, it'll be worth the wait and better then the original!

First work on Newgrounds